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Lifeguard Certification & CPR  Classes

Our family of companies has trained over xyz lifeguards.

Come Train With Us

Our family of companies trains over 1500 lifeguards each year. Training lifeguards is part of what we love to do. 

To take one of our certification classes, you must be hired to work for us this summer. We would love to have you be part of our seasonal job team! To set up an interview, please call the office at (678) 985-4030 or email Once hired, you'll be able to sign up for a certification class.

Read more about certification requirements and classes schedules below.

We are currently offering 3 courses - Lifeguarding: Full Certification (for new lifeguards), Lifeguarding Recertification (for those who need to renew their current certification) and CPR for the Professional Rescuer. Our  courses are American Red Cross authorized.

Passing the Swim Test for lifeguarding certification requires you to be a strong swimmer. Please read all the information below for details.

If you have questions, please contact us at (678) 985-4030.

Lifeguarding: Full Certification Course

Become an American Red Cross certified Lifeguard. Take this class if you are new to lifeguarding or if your previous certification has expired.

Lifeguarding: Full Certification


Our Lifeguarding: Full Certification course includes all the certifications you need to become American Red Cross Lifeguard Certified (each certification is valid for 2 years): Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR and AED training.



1) Students cannot miss any of the course. Please make sure you don't have any conflicts with the dates of the class. 

2) You must be at least 15 years of age before the last day of the training class.

3) Pass the Swim Test (detailed on this page).

4) Due to the nature of the skills taught in this course, you'll be performing strenuous activities (such as removing someone from the water). If you have concerns about your physical ability to pass the course, please reach out to us.


This test is administered at the beginning of the course and is required for certification.  

- 150 Yard Swim (freestyle or breaststroke).

- Brick Test: Swim out 20 yards, surface dive 7ft – 10ft deep, retrieve a 10 pound weight from the bottom of the pool, return to the surface, and swim it back 20 yards to the start position. This objective is timed at 1 minute and 40 seconds.

-Tread water with your legs only, no hands, for 2 minutes.

- Exit the water without using a ladder or steps.

Swim Test


Employees: $80

We are only certifying SwimAtlanta-Gwinnett Employees at this time.

(Not yet an employee? Click Here to go to our jobs page to apply! )

Lifeguarding Recertification Course

Passing this class extends your American Red Cross certification by 2 years. You must be currently certified to be eligible to register for this class.



The Recertification class lets you refresh your skills while extending your certification by 2 years.


1) Students cannot miss any of the course.  Please make sure you don't have any conflicts with the dates of the class. 

2) Pass the Swim Test (detailed on this page).

3) Provide proof of a CURRENT Red Cross Lifeguarding, First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer certification. If your certification has expired at the time of the course by even one day, you must take the Lifeguarding: Full Certification Course (above). 


Core Content:

  • Performing a primary assessment

  • Giving ventilations (includes BVM)

  • Choking (conscious and unconscious)

  • CPR (one- and two-rescuer)

  • AED

Swim Test


Return Employees: FREE

New Employees; FREE

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